■ Main challenges

1.University as the core, generating healthy cycle of student movement.
(1)Students becoming Christian in high school, and core-staff in university fellowships.
(2)University Christian students and graduates act as volunteer counselors in high school fellowships.
(3)University Christian students becoming significant influences to church and society in the long run.

2.Four types of ministries: fellowship, camp, publication, internet, with fellowship as the core foundation which connects the rest.


■ Progress of the student ministry
Behind the lines in Free China during World War II the Holy Spirit raised up a remarkable evangelistic movement amongst Chinese students. Many great servants of the Lord in ensuing years were the fruit of the student work of that time. The influence of this movement extended too to the province of Taiwan.

In the 1950s there were missionaries in different parts of Taiwan who had separately started to work among students. The first Chinese student worker started to work with student fellowship groups in 1957 and soon afterwards all student work in the province was linked into one organization as Campus Evangelical Fellowship. It was in 1963 that some of the products of that first generation of student ministry joined C.E.F. as full-time staff workers. Since then there has been a steady stream of co-workers joining Campus Evangelical Fellowship to be trained and take up the challenge of bringing the Christian gospel to new generations of students and intellectuals in Taiwan.


There have been immense changes in our society over the last ten years. New evangelistic and cultural frontiers have opened up with the freedom for university, college level and junior middle schools student groups to function as on-campus clubs. We now have a number of specialist fellowship groups and have set up a section for overseas student ministries, with another for missions promotion.

Today we have a wider scope than ever for outreach to students.

■ The progress / trends briefly over the recent years

Student ministry
Four workteams are developed for student groups from different ages, reaching thousands of students each year.

35-40 new books published every year, covering topics from biblical studies, theology, student evangelism, discipleship, to Christian life,also with magazine “Campus” bimonthly.


.Development and Training
Providing trainings for full-time staff, student volunteers, and Christian teachers; at the same time, writing various handbooks and new materials to be utilized at student fellowships, camps, and churches.

.Educating Students on Missions
1.Helping student groups with mission-related programs
2.Promoting mission projects
3.Establishing websites on missions

.Sharing Visions
Youth Missions Conference is held every three years, encouraging involvement in missions, either as full-time Christian workers or as professionals.

.Overseas Chinese Ministry Department (established in 1992)

Aim for evangelizing and equipping overseas Chinese scholars.

Offer for Campus Evangelical Followship of Taiwan

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